Human Eyes: The Hard Work of Familiarity

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“Familiarity may breed contempt on occasion, but it can easily breed sympathy.”

– David Powlison, The Biblical Counseling Movement (15)

I once debated an undergraduate professor, in the middle of class, on the issue of God’s sovereignty. It was one of the most uncomfortable moments in my life. I held the position that, in fact, God controlled and ordained all things, and my professor insisted that God could not and did not plan the evil we do as humans. God could certainly use it, but planning it was out of the question. Tensions flared, and as students looked on awkwardly, I brandished my Reformation sword on a crusade to rid my university of the leaven of liberalism. Before long, the professor raised his voice, and tears welled up in his eyes. And then he revealed something. Continue reading


In the Round: The Gift

Hello, friends. For the second time on our slice of the Internet, we welcome a guest blogger. I know that Advent has passed us and is already a swiftly dissolving speck in the distance. But perhaps, as the new year gathers speed and our weeks cycle on, we would be strengthened by remembering what we celebrated less than a month ago. Continue reading

Zechariah’s Christmas Carol

Sunrise Over the South Pacific Ocean
Zechariah is a pretty minor character in the Scriptures, but he gives us a beautiful song and prophecy in Luke 1:68-79 when his son, John, is born. Though his prophecy is in the moment of John’s birth, it proclaims and announces the wonderful intent of the Father in sending the Son. It really does remind us about all that Christmas is. Continue reading

Christmas: The Answer from the Holy Hill

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For all of us who can’t change ourselves…

Perhaps the hardest pill to swallow when talking of Christmas is the realization that we are weaker than we ever imagined. It’s plain. It’s simple. And it’s true. When all of our strength is spent trying to wash away the filth and muck that clings so closely to us and hides within us, when every effort has been employed to change our behaviors and our hearts, when we feel that, after all, we really don’t measure up to the cosmic standard we know is held against us, Christmas begins to make sense. It can only begin to make sense when we’ve arrived at a place of helplessness. Continue reading

The Gift of Advent

Harpers Magazine, Christmas 1898

The turkey is finished, and the dressing has been stuffed into every possible nook of our bellies. Our eyes now turn towards what will happen in twenty-five days: the celebration of our Saviour’s birth. And so it’s time, as is our custom on this little slice of the Internet, to turn our eyes there as well. Continue reading



No one likes a simple Nay-Sayer. So, in the wake of last week’s post, I thought I would add a Yay to my Nay. What are our alternatives to the messed up, sex-crazed music that’s out there nowadays? Well, one could check out one of the most honest and humble Christian musicians to ever pick up the guitar. Continue reading

Propositional Grenades


Marriage really is Gospel boot camp, and I’ve heard raising children is like the Navy Seals’ version. In my experience, in the context of marriage, you begin learning the truths of Christ which you always knew in your head but had yet to work out in practice. Here’s something I’ve been learning for the past four years: propositional truth must be lived out in the context of relationship. Continue reading