Without Bottom and Banks

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“He has a fulness of grace to cleanse us, and of glory to crown us; a fulness not only of sufficiency, but of redundancy. He is a sea of goodness without bottom and banks.”- Thomas Watson, All Things for Good, 66

“…but where sin increased, grace abounded all the more…”- Romans 5:20

What sin can we bring to Christ that His grace cannot cover and undo? What insecurity can we be plagued by that He cannot overcome it? What fear can we cower in front of that He cannot vanquish? The grace, mercy, and love of Christ cascade over human failure and rebellion drowning them in sovereignty and goodness. Christ is an ocean of goodness where we can bring our most hurtful experiences, our most secret sins, and our most potent fears and drown them. Towards His people His goodness knows no end. It has no bottom that we should exhaust it and no border that it should not cover anything we endeavor to bring to it.

Like an ocean that continually beats upon rocky shores, so is Christ who beats upon us with redundant, powerful, and cleansing grace, molding and shaping us into His own likeness. As we are shaped, let us be diligent to take ourselves to the Water daily, plunging ourselves in, resting and waiting in His sufficient sovereignty and love. He is the sea that pours over us and changes us, the sea that beats upon us, and the sea that overcomes us.


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