Honey from the Comb

Volle Honigglaeser 51a

“Love in the Father is like honey in the flower; it must be in the comb before it be for our use. Christ must extract and prepare this honey for us. He draws this water from the fountain through union and dispensation of fulness; we by faith, from the wells of salvation that are in him.”- John Owen, Communion with God, 58.

“But he would feed you with the finest of the wheat, and with honey from the rock I would satisfy you.”- Psalm 81:16.

Bees, in their manufacturing of honey, harvest the nectar of flowers and deposit it in their combs. After a process of eating and throwing up the honey again and again, honey is formed and stored, ready to be eaten. Here Owen’s words shed light. Per His union and shared divinity with the God-head, Christ is able to extract the sweetness and goodness of the Father’s love for His people. And per His peoples’ union with Christ, they are able, by faith, to taste and partake of the Father’s love for them, being nourished from it for all eternity. Only through Christ, grasping Him by faith, can we taste of the sweetness of God’s love, for only in Christ are we not obliterated for our sins due to the holiness and perfection of God but are covered, cleaned, and saved. It is only in Christ that we are safe enough to feast, free from worry of judgment or condemnation, for Christ was judged in His people’s stead. It is by their union with Christ that His people partake of glorious union with Father, Son, and Spirit, being nourished and sustained by His never ending, never changing love. It is enough today to stop and savor. It is enough today to eat and find joy in our beautiful position in Christ. There are things that will try to steal us away and try to make it seem like the honey dispensed to us isn’t enough. We really do need something else to sustain us. We really do need the extra square feet on our houses. We really do need that gym membership. We really do need others’ approval. The truth is that the only love as sweet, the only love as sustaining, the only as nourishing is the love of God for His people. This, and only this, will do.


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