Natural Miracles

Rembrandt Christ in the Storm on the Lake of Galilee

“The miracle is not unnatural. The true miracle is a higher and a purer nature, coming down out of the world of untroubled harmonies into this world of ours which so many discords have jarred and disturbed, and bringing this back again, though it be but for one mysterious prophetic moment, into harmony with that higher. The healing of the sick can in no way be termed against nature, seeing that it is sickness which is abnormal, not health. The healing is the restoration of the primitive order. We should see in the miracle not the infraction of a law, but the neutralizing of a lower law, the suspension of it for a time by a higher.”– Richard Trench, Notes on the Miracles of our Lord, 12.

I  am often amazed at the multiplying of the loaves of bread, the healing of lepers, and the calming of storms in the Scriptures, and i should be. All we have known is disaster and chaos. All we have known as humans is want and need, disease, and natural disaster. We take it that this is natural, that this is simply the way things are and were meant to be. Jesus’ presence, though, tells us otherwise. God’s people were never meant to be in need or want, they were never meant to die and experience disease and affliction, they were never meant to be dominated by disaster. They were never meant to be separated from communion with the Triune God. So He has come to remedy it. There is no more hunger in Jesus, for He calls Himself the Bread of Life (John 6:35), no more death and disease in Jesus, for “‘death is swallowed up in victory,'” (1 Corinthians 15:55), no more separation from God in Jesus, for we are reconciled forever (Romans 5:10-11). The Natural has come to kill and undo the unnatural. From the stall in Bethlehem and the Cross on Calvary to the Ascension, the truly Natural has begun to spread. Though Christ doesn’t promise to always pacify the physical hunger now, though many suffer under various illnesses now, though hundreds die in “natural” disasters now, the Kingdom of God contains none of these things, and the Kingdom of God has come and will come finally and ultimately.

Thank you Jesus, for coming down out of the world of untroubled harmonies to restore order to our troubled, sin tossed world. Bring us into harmony with You and Your Kingdom.


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